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How to treat recruitment like marketing

We're now not far away from the bright, comforting smile of the sun hitting our faces on a day to day basis, ice-cream flowing down into the corner of our hands and Friday after work drinks also occurring Wednesday & Thursdays too. With the annual changing of times, comes the time for businesses to revisit their development, which leads to recruitment.

It's an exciting time for any organisation to be bringing someone new, fresh and hopefully intelligent to their day to day activities. It could even be the opportunity to make a new best friend or initiate an incredible idea from their young and innocent minds. But how do we get this perfect person, and why does it take so long? Why is HR bringing in someone who is so far from the job description you're wondering if they've read it off of Reddit? Well, the reason is because there probably wasn't a marketing concept behind this.

After having a few open discussions with some recruitment and HR managers lately, a trend has appeared. Usually the first few places you'll start when promoting is LinkedIn or recruitment sites like Seek or TradeMe. It's important to consider a few other options and ways to reach the right audience and that perfect person you are trying to source. However, the best recruitment campaign we ever saw was when GCHQ were searching for the best hackers on the market (Ollie actually worked on this), to protect the nation instead of attack it! How do you recruit people who are aren't looking for jobs? You challenge them at their own game. We set up the hardest coding - to hack - from GCHQ's own QA team, and the top 40 who got it the quickest, got the interview, which in turn found us our top 10. The campaign went viral.

Below are some key steps and ideas you should consider to challenge and find your own perfect employee!
Hopefully that helps spark some bright lights inside your recruiting Noggin. The point here is to have fun with it, think outside the box and see if your HR team can collaborate with the Marketing team - that's where a lot of people go wrong. If your company isn't that formal, then show that but if it is, talk about long term career aspects of the company and the role. Have fun with it and as always, get in touch if you need some help!


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