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MYF to Rebrand as Fixinc. in 2018

Written by Ollie Law, Director and Founder of MYF Group Ltd & Fix Media.

Over the last six to eight months, I've been spending some considerable time researching and concentrating on the audience and client base I spend most of my time on; the B2B world. It was in February my final research was completed that determined a gap in the market, one that I wanted to fill. 

Similar to my time in the FinTech and accounting world, the direction of technology, trends and millennial attitudes meant that pencil pushers (old school accountants) were going out of business. They were simply not keeping up with the market. Cloud Accounting Software popped up and then was closely followed by Xero. Within a few years, the whole market was flipped upside down and accountants were getting younger, trendier and becoming business advisers. 

I saw the same potential for the Australasian market where many organisations were beginning toh hire young, fresh minds. 

In the B2B world and specifically Business Continuity (where we spend a lot of our time), there is an image portrayed across many organisations. One that is of heavy paperwork, expensive and time consuming tasks that usually go to the bottom of the in-tray. There is no excitement and that is partly due to what is on offer. 

Luckily for me, I worked with RiskLogic who I'd consider one of the more innovative leaders in this space, but their competitors are few & far between, which got me thinking, why is that?

It turned out, no one was really giving specific advice to these professionals on how to market themselves, how to brand themselves and what was effective for the types of managers and decision makers they were trying to sell to. Like the accounting world, it needs trends and ideas to help build the credibility and worth of this topic - moving it away from being a must to a want. 

MYF Group built it's brand on helping SME's and new business people to help get on their feet. We've worked with some amazing individuals who have great passion for their ideas and beliefs, those values will never change, but MYF could never be the same resource to the resilience sector. 

After building my small but effective team, Fixinc. was born. 

Fixinc. is a marketing, sales, commercial and media resource for the B2B world where our one and only purpose is to help bridge the gap between the expert and the prospective client. No one else does this effectively and as passionately on a global scale like we do. 

My team consists of professionals and advisers from all over the world. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark, India and the UK are their locations while their experience covers all major media and commercial activities you would expect. 

Fixinc. is a globally run corporation that offers free resource, advice and content on the most relevant and effective ways for experts to meet their audience. We then offer campaign and inventory solutions both on a corporate and enterprise level. 

What happens to MYF Group Ltd

MYF has a number of clients and operations running under its brand. It will continue to run and remain a New Zealand Limited business that I am very proud of. 

Current MYF clients and their campaigns will continue to run indefinitely. Any new clients are still welcomed and the operation will still continue along with its offerings. We won't however be actively promoting it as a marketing agency. 

Our next steps

Over 2018, I will be visiting locations and clients all over the world starting in Australia, India and Japan. Our business will continue to grow and find a foundation of interested audiences and professionals around the world. I will also be looking to grow the team and seek investors in Fixinc. to allow us to reach all demographics and areas. 

Towards the end of 2018, we expect to have locations set and solid inventory offerings set that align with the markets current needs. 

Re-branding and building a new business takes a lot of time as I'm sure you know. We have a lot of work to do, but the market, the offerings and the passion we have for this makes it so worth while. 

My final note

I'm truly, truly inspired and excited by the team, the people around me and the opportunities that have already come up with this new adventure we're going on. MYF will always be something I hold close to me due to its roots in my own personal journey. 

I do however look at our new logo, our business strategy and the new website we're building and get stupendously excited about it all. I'm very excited to spend most of my money and time travelling the world to build this, and I can't wait to show you all how it goes! 

Ollie Law

Fixinc. Director


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