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Mark Zuckerberg is smarter than you

No, seriously he is! If you disagree, please link your social media platform in the comments that host more than 1.15 billion daily users and 2.13 billion monthly active users, while presenting me how you coped with losing a net-worth of $14 billion leaving you with a poxy $61 billion?

Those that have questioned him and jumped at the opportunity to prove him wrong, were the same people who accidentally upload 5 of the same images to Facebook of their face cropped out of shot. See for yourself:

There is a lot of talk coming out right now from individuals who have suddenly become social media and digital experts. "Zuckerberg and Facebook have let us down, they have lost my data". If you decide to sign up for anything that you didn't create, they are more than in their rights to sell your details. Fortunately, Mark is actually an OK guy and decides to keep it all secure. He was let down by a few lawyers who didn’t write the best T&Cs and a company that lied to him. If he wanted to though, he could sell your data at circa: $2.48 apiece. That's a payday of $528,240,000,000.

Now, I must confess; I deleted my facebook account along time ago. I’m still on it though. I run many business accounts and groups via an empty profile which is set as main admin. I didn't delete FB due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I did it because I was tired of the time I wasted on it and the irrelevant junk posted by my contacts. It actually made me go off people I loved because of their online persona.

I recently asked eight of my contacts who were between the age of 18 & 27 how many social media accounts they had. Not only did all of them have three quarters of what’s on offer, they also had fake accounts to avoid loss of personal data. Pretty basic stuff, right?

Here is a small tip: when you sign up for something you don’t trust (that isn’t a legal entity), you don’t have to put real details on it… 

But is social media dying?

No, in fact, it’s only just started. And if you think a small dilemma like that of Facebook's is going to hinder the platform, you are mistaken. FB, in particular, will bounce back from this better than anyone else could. They'll use this coverage to prove their size, worth and vast ownership of the web. They’ll make it their priority to obtain more people and use this incident as one of their core values going forward.

Social media is very young. In the world of disruptions, there hasn’t been many: Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and Snapchat top the scales, but we’re still in the early days of some major changes coming. I've found that the only people who have made such comments about its doom or have deleted their accounts are that of the older generation. Those of the younger generation that delete their accounts do so because they are bored, the system has gotten old.

The younger generation also seems to have a grasp on the idea of data privacy and cyber threats far better than the older generation. They know the risks, and they are prepared to deal with them because they live and breathe this stuff. This could make them more vulnerable.

What is the number one cyberthreat in the world?

Many believe that these tech geniuses who sit in a dark, basement room of their mother's basement are just looking for financial freedom or have a mindset not to dissimilar to that of a terrorist. That’s not always the case. The most dangerous hacker is one who wants to prove a point. Or, wants to prove to his online community of mates that he can hack the Defence Force.

They’re the people to be concerned about. The ones who don’t do it for money, but for recognition. 

Should you delete your social media?

I recently read a blog on LinkedIn from an “IT expert” around how “it’s easy to hack WhatsApp”. His long-form article went into how they do it and how it was proven, but he failed to detail the steps. Private messages are still encrypted and even Facebook (who owns WhatsApp) can’t see them. WhatsApp only became encrypted when Facebook bought it. Interesting huh?

If you believe that by owning these accounts, someone will hack you and take your data, then you’re a smart person. If you believe, however, that by getting rid of it all they won’t – then you’re just plain-ol-mislead.

It’ll be harder, for sure, but people have been stealing from other people for thousands of years. It’s actually easier to find and take a physical object than something in the cloud.

Highly recommend reading that unbelievable linked article there.

Generally, people are stupid and make stupid mistakes, we’re human. All successful hacks are because someone didn’t do something to prevent it. I bet a decent percentage of readers just clicked on that above link assuming it was an article (which it is), not even considering it to be a virus.

Deleting your accounts makes it slightly harder to be breached, but hackers love a challenge and they'll still find a way. 

If you’re a business, deleting your account is stupidity at it’s finest form.

3.2 billion people use social media per month. Google’s Mobile-First indexing is a string of implementations that will allow that 3 billion to find local and relevant services via all mediums, much faster.

The world has never been this chaotic and fast-paced and advertisers need to keep up. If you rid those opportunities, you disappear.

If you’re worried, simply avoid having any personal details online. Go back to basics and ring your colleague for log in details. Update your credentials every five days. Hire expert support. 

They always bounce back

Facebook will get over this because you will get over it. Just like VW and the scandal with their emissions, they’re now the largest car manufacturer in the world. Malaysia Airlines had some pretty dramatic things happen to them and yet, they had the finest customer service I’ve ever experienced that high up. Organisations bounce back.

Because of this, I ask my readers, the online world, everyone; please stop pretending like you can read the future of these billion-dollar entities. You look silly!

Talking about looking silly, here is another great video of Mark explaining the internet.

That women's face to his left though...


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