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My Journey And How It All Began

After writing a few versions of this blog, I realised it resembled a child's bedtime story that most adults wouldn't have the time or patience to read. So, I've tried to shorten the bugger down to something that gives you the answers you're likely looking for. 

The first moment I realised media, marketing, sales and campaign work was what I wanted to do, was standing on the top floor of Intuit's London based office. 100% of the external walls were glass, making this office not part of the old building's original structure (they'd simply placed a glass box on top of its roof). The bar the straddled along the communal space, paralleled the balcony over looking the Millennium Stadium. Even though it had barely struck midday, the Managing Director gave myself and my manager and best mate, Steve a beer. 

Being American, he assumed Stella Artois was the posh drink everyone wanted. It wasn't 

As we sat in the conference room going through a potential campaign Intuit would undertake to destroy Sage and IRIS, the accounting software, I took a moment to soak it all in. 

Steve won us that campaign, and the work began immediately. Once Xero got hold of this news, they were on our case too. At the time, I was the Commercial Marketing Manager for accountingweb, the UK's largest accounting publication (possibly the world's). AWeb was part of Sift Media at the time; a hipsters dream office swamped with cool, down-to-earth-techies. Every Friday consisted of local ales and craft beer after a day of sales and signing proposals. 

It was such an energising and innovating environment. 

While here, much of my colleagues ran their own agencies. Whether that be web development, marketing, design etc, but we all noticed that much of our clients in Bristol knew each other in some way. Most of those clients then realised that we all knew each other too, making it acceptable for us to collaborate. So, a cross client, cross-campaign relationship developed; making me realise early that doing all the work all the time is not best for the client. 

I built a list of trusted and competent friends and contacts who could run work when I couldn't. It was amazing. We were in control of our work, making good money and providing exceptional results for clients.

Arriving back in New Zealand

2016, I landed back in New Zealand after five years of drinking a stupid amounts of cider (thanks Bristol), working with enormous brands and diving head first into the music industry. It was good to be home, but it felt very quiet. I need my next challenge.

I began getting in contact with local small businesses in Wellington, providing support with their basic marketing and building websites. As this grew and more work came in, I met with local professionals which energized me to build this thing. So, MYF was born (AKA Market You Famous). The idea of this small agency was to help really new and small businesses to get on their with marketing campaigns, but affordably. 

Only a few weeks in, I landed my (still) largest contract, with RiskLogic. For three days a week, I now run the New Zealand commercial and marketing efforts for the organisation, taking them from a LinkedIn page, to the largest supplier in the country.

As my experience grew, so too did my love for entrepreneurship. 

Bushman Tours

In 2018, I took the first step in setting up a business inline with my passion: conservation. We built Bushman Tours as a platform for local experts and visitors to connect. Dedicated to conservation and the climate, we're building a business that goes against everything tourism usually brings. 

Our team of six is now building a website set to be a game changer. We're 100% New Zealand made, running campaigns that change how people perceive adventure tourism. It's incredibly challenging and is providing us a wealth of knowledge in building businesses and growing an audience, but it's worth it. Every second of it.


A combination of these experience, plus at least 3 hours a day staying updated on marketing trends and techniques probably leaves me as a semi-decent consultant for your business. So, why don't we connect today?


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