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Here is a question for you: When was the last time you saw a Red Bull can on the Red Bull Instagram page?

Feel free to go and check here.

It's easy to forgive someone to assume their promotional work would be all about that sugary energy fuel. But it's not, it's about their extensive sponsoring of athletes, cars, stuntmen and tournaments. 

Now, this example shouldn't mean you go out and collect content best of Ikea if you're a builder. No, it should inspire you to think outside of the box. I used to work with accountants. People who got way too excited about numbers, tax returns and software. In 2015, at AccountingWeb, we decided to push these professionals into a more adviser focused role. Technology was far too advanced for them to keep up, but good, business advice wasn't! 

A social media review by someone who reviews trends, algorithm changes and viral techniques daily can be enough to get you on the right direction. It's amazing what one suggestion can do compared to hours of meetings with those who are inexperienced in this. 

Let's take an example of what I told a client to do this month: 

"How do we create a better connection with our audience?" he asked.

Have you tried asking them questions? 

Seems simple right? But putting multiple questions into your posts is enough to encourage, one, two or hundreds of people to interact with you. A simple move like this can be the essence of a successful marketing campaign. Although the move was simple, we still needed an objective. What were the questions going to be?

After an hour research on Google Keyword Planner, we had about 40 ideas. The questions we would ask were leading, implying that they needed the answer from us.

This led to an email sign up list for those who wanted specific answers to the questions we were asking. Next came a live video for 3 minutes every fortnight that invited the list and their friends to join and have open conversations on. Finally, we provided special offers to that list only which made them feel even more unique. It didn't cost my client a dime, either.

It's mini-concepts like this that I'll help you with. Aligned to large strategies, we'll walk through effective marketing techniques that can help you meet your goals. As a starting point, I like the begin with the following tasks.

In your review, I will...

  • Run a diagnostics review of your current audience
  • Your engagement rate (are people liking and commenting as much as your competitors?)
  • Review the engagement of comments
  • Review your current hashtags and suggest trending ones relevant to you
  • Look at your previous or current ads
  • Propose new audiences, keywords, hashtags and timings for new ads
  • Review the set up of your Facebook ads centre
  • Provide suggestions on next step mini campaigns


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