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Commercial Activities with Fixinc



Over the last fifteen years of my life, I’ve managed to find myself (thankfully) in combined marketing and commercial roles. This is a mixture of building a brand and then actively selling it to an audience.

For example, while at, I spent hours upon hours chasing and calling leads in the Fintech world, with a promise of getting them on the top marketing campaigns via the top accounting website. Once signed, I would then build the team dedicated to helping these brands reach the top audience. From these experiences, I learnt that it’s sales and marketing, not sales or marketing.

With this, my commercial offering is focused on keeping the marketing efforts in site. No matter how we approach it, we’ll always focus on the long-term goal of keeping a solid brand. There are companies out there that do ‘little marketing’ but are still worth millions, like Zara.

They do this by keeping their customers happy. They sell good products and services and that alone is enough to market them.

My experience with commercial work starts and ends with helping Start Up approach brand new leads. For example, RiskLogic (nowhere near a technical Start Up) approached the New Zealand market with no client base and no formal infrastructure. We started from scratch.

Targets, word of mouth and continuous improvement and tracking of every conversation got us on track. Two years later, the NZ branch is the leading supplier in the country with an impressive client base like KiwiBank, NTT and almost every Council you can think of. This sort of result can be yours too if you take your one to one sales approach seriously.

With Fixinc, we will look at how you’re doing your sales work now, what sort of conversations you’re having and what challenges you’re having converting them. Techniques like role play, why you’re selling what you do, understanding what you’re selling and getting over the no’s are all important steps to getting used to having tough decisions. 


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