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Where do we even start? I have come across so many quotes and recommendations on what marketing is and how it can truly change businesses lives (as well as people). I think The Power of Why by Simon Sinek is a prime example of a book that breaks down the power of branding and presence (even though it wasn’t originally set out to do that).

There simply isn’t enough space on this website to walk through all the advice that’s available out there. Although I may break some of it down in future blogs. The problem with this advice is that it can be interpreted the wrong way. Or, it doesn’t match the values of a business.

Fixinc is a solution that compiles all of those decades of research and advice to find a strategy that works for you. Like putting a query into Google and hoping your answer appears in the first four results.

What are the marketing activities you and I may do?


The first thing an external consultant should be doing is understanding your tone. I once told a young, budding entrepreneur that there is one easy way to define his preferred audience in his website’s header title. It first read I really love food and beers. OK, that’s fine. Quite generic and obvious (who doesn’t love food and beers?) But how do we make this statement reach a very niche audience?

Add a F**k at the start.

So, now in big, bold white writing, it read F**K, I love food and beers!

By adding this one word (without the blank), he will put off those who are not like him and bring in those who are. Your brand should be everything to you, not just 100% of possible viewers. We’ll find what makes you feel comfortable to advertise, because after all, if you don’t find your brand sexy, no one will.


Imagine you’ve got a bottle of purple, concentrated, water-reactive dye (the powder that expands in water). You head to your friend’s pool party and pore less than a tablespoon in his pool. Everyone notices…they also question why you’ve just done that?

That weekend, you take the same bottle to the beach and pore it into the ocean. No one notices.

The audience you’re trying to crack are the swimming pools. You need to find concentrated pockets of these people to target to save money, time and build a loyal, smaller following fast.

This is exactly what we’ll identify in the really early stages. The easiest way to do this is by setting up sign up forms and checking who’s reacting to your social content the most.


Ideally, you should be putting between 60 and 75% of your revenue back into marketing for the first three to five years of your business’s existence. That’s a tough one. It doesn’t leave much room for playtime, but it does allow a lot of room to nail your marketing and grow your audience.

We’ll use a technique called Bullseye marketing to identify the critical, and less critical avenues to spend your budget. We’ll take the max of that 75% you have and put a commercial plan together to send it to the right places.

Content (and distribution)

“Content is king”. False. Distribution is king. In fact, it’s the overlord.

If you write a beautifully adapted article, proofread and copyrighted, but no one sees it, did it really happen?

Content distribution trips many up. They don’t see the importance of it and then wonder why their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and organic reach is so average. Let me tell you, if you don’t throw your work down all the throats of these new publications, no one cares you exist.

Take MOZ and their SEO article breakdown. It’s one of (if not) the highest read articles on SEO. Why? Because they had a team of five spend two months distributing it across the whole internet – within reason.

Now, you don’t need a team of five, but you do need a plan. You need concepts and narratives that match themes and key moments in the year. Let’s identify those!


“The truth is that competition is the opposite of creativity. If I’m working hard to beat the competition, it actually prevents me from think creatively to make all concepts of competition obsolete”. – Terry Crews

That’s probably one of my favourite quotes of all time because it reminds us that you’ll never beat competition, and you shouldn’t waste that energy on trying. You will always have someone outdo you on price, service and product because there are so many people in this world, they get to choose what’s right for them.

Apple will one day flop to another product. Facebook will lose its top spot. Jeez, there is even talk of Google succumbing to new search engines that don’t plaster you with ads.

The fact is you need to revisit the idea of those swimming pools and keep the audience you love most happy. Try reading 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly to get a ridiculously clear understanding of this approach.

We’ll do many other exciting things when your project kicks off, but the above is a teaser of what I like to start with first. If getting some of this work happening for you sounds super exciting, you know what to do…


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