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Like most days, March 15th, 2019 also saw me alongside Abby working on Bushman Tours’ website design. Nothing different really. In the office down the corridor of our shared office, were the RiskLogic team, who were also my largest contract at the time. As we slowly worke...
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After writing a few versions of this blog, I realised it resembled a child's bedtime story that most adults wouldn't have the time or patience to read. So, I've tried to shorten the bugger down to something that gives you the answers you're likely looking for.  The firs...
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No, seriously he is! If you disagree, please link your social media platform in the comments that host more than 1.15 billion daily users and 2.13 billion monthly active users, while presenting me how you coped with losing a net-worth of $14 billion leaving you wit...
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