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Here is a quick rundown of what you get.

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Social Media Reviewoooo
Consultation (Phone/Zoom)oooo
Brand Reviewoooo
Sales Process Reviewoooo
Google Adwords Reviewoooo
Google Analytics Reviewoooo
Consultation (face to face)ooo
Competitor Analysisooo
Content Researchooo
Market & opportunity researchooo
Technology & Software reviewooo
Keyword Analysisooo
Marketing Tasks Recommendationsoo
Partner referrals and discountsoo
In person trainingoo
Automation techniquesoo
Software & technology implementationo
Website review of Build & Back-endo
12m Content Calendar Builto
Marketing Strategy & Campaign (12m)o
On call support & Advice (6m)o
Sales trainingo
Ongoing auditso
Marketing and Branding trainingo

The above graph is a guide. I am aware most businesses are different, so my output and support can be customised depending on your situation. We will talk through that.

For those keen to understand early where they are commercially and from a branding perspective, this package is a great chance to discuss some challenges, ideas and concepts with a professional. This consultation can tell you a lot about the correct direction to go this year, and be an affordable option for smaller businesses. I will also conduct a basic audit of your brand and market image, social media, as well as the core requirements like your analytics and Adwords account. Perfect for those on a budget who need a fresh pair of eyes. Basic marketing functions can do a lot to get a brand up and running, but it's important you've got them set up correctly.



As well as all of the services in the Delta package, Charlie offers a chance to begin looking deeper at progressing in the market. We've nailed an audience, people are following you and buying, but what about competitors? What about beating this so called recession? What about appearing on the keywords you want to appear for? This package is great for those looking to take a more serious approach to marketing. In this, your audit will look deeper at the current market trends as well as providing an overview of what might come up in the future and how you can get on top of it (like events and opportunities). We'll also look at technology and software you can use to automate a lot of your approach. 

Bravo is for those really looking to make an impact and find out where their brand is on a rating scale of 100. In this, you'll get the marketing review, support and suggestion, but this will be heavily aligned to a commercial focus where I'll provide a strategy and recommendation on how you can actually monetise your marketing efforts. Good brands make sales when they're at work, the best make them when they're asleep too. We'll look at automating a lot of your efforts and implement technology and processes that convince your customers you're the only one to go with. This package is a great option for those wanting to aggressively make an impact to the market and have their wider team on-board with that process and strategy. 



Alpha is the package for those who put the majority of their revenue back into marketing. It is for the brands not just looking to disrupt a market, but completely owning it. Your review and audit will consist of all of the above as well as the chance for one on one training, six months worth of dedicated on call support and advice, as well as schedules, strategies and attack methods to market. Completely customisable to your brand, your objectives and your budget, we will work very closely on a twelve month, 3 & 5 year plan that aims to bring in measurable, meaningful results. The marketing and commercial efforts will be significantly intertwined with strong enthuses on ensuring your team understand the processes and training is conducted to keep this aggressive approach sustainable. Everyone wants the best of what's on offer, but if you're unsure, I recommend calling me first to talk this through and whether it's right for you business. 


It's OK, for I have the light. Follow the blog below to get more understanding of what these packages entail and how they can help your business and brand. If you still have some questions, jump on the chat function on the right or reach out today.


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